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UCS Fashion Week – Tuesday SuzieStyle

How long after the holidays does one have to wait to wear the blingy things again? Is there a rule like the “no white after Labor Day” law that says pretty shiny sparkly things have to stay tucked away until next November??…not that I’ve ever paid any mind to the rules! I’ve been on the island and Mr. Salmon has been in Vegas so we haven’t seen each other since last week. [I know you're wondering "what does this have to do with blingy things??!!"] Well, I figured this calls for tonight to be date night, and for me date night calls for  bling bling bling ;). Now bear in mind that, unless we want to drive into the city, in my little suburban heaven the fine dining establishment [note no plural on this] is a jeans-are-the-attire-d’ jour kind of place. So I thought “rise to the challenge Suzie and mix your bling with some jeans” [sometimes life is so simple]. And while I was at it, I thought “this is also the perfect opportunity for me to do a little remix on those holey jeans I love”. Even better, I thought “if I’m breakin the rules and wearing something twice in a row I could actually wear the shoes that I had to abandon yesterday because of the rain too!” [two wrongs make a right don't they math kids?]. So I thought about the shoes…and the holey jeans…and the bling…and this is what happened…

Shoes-Michael Kors; Jeans-Gap Always Skinny; Necklace-The South Dakota Cowgirl custom order; Scarf-gifted…pashmina from a friend who brought it from Ecuador; Blingy Sweater-Snob purchased at a little boutique in my town trying to help our women dress up their blessed jeans; Purse-Vintage bling; Red Ring-H&M.

So you still have time to save me from myself before I head out tonight. Is this going to cut it? Or should I change? And while we’re at it…do I look fat in this :) (family joke)?

Seriously love you guys!



  1. love it! i wish i actually left the house so i could do a post like this…..great post idea!!

    • Thank you! I have been having fun conducting this first-ever UCS Fashion Week and really trying to consider why I put on what I do every day. I love sharing this with everyone.
      Have a great evening and hopefully that darn weather out there cooperates with you so you can get out and about soon!

    • I agree with the leaving the house kind of thing. I buy so many practical “ranch” type clothes (though I am known to rock high-end jeans here daily) that when I do have to go out, I think, “holy hell! what am I gonna wear?”.

      I loved seeing my necklace on a person. It is gorgeous! And the scarf and gray sweater really make it pop! I’d totally rock those shoes- that is if I had any place to wear them!

      • Jenn, your necklace gets tons of compliments! I probably wear it too much, but how can I not…tis a thing of beauty and on a sunny day the Zwarovski crystals sparkle everywhere :) . Love it!!!!

  2. Your legs are too thin to look fat! I think you look fabulous in that outfit!

    • Haha, I was kidding about the fat thing. It’s what I always ask the mister when we head out the door and he just rolls his eyes at me so it’s a bit of a family joke. I love that sweater. During the holidays I wore it with black tights and boots or ballet flats and was able to stuff copious amounts of turkey in me without having to undo the top button on my pants :).
      Thanks for stopping by Nancy.

  3. You look great. Love South Dakota Cowgirl’s necklace! Also LOVE the shoes!! I wear the same jeans, but believe me do not look as thin as you in them!!!!!

    • Thank you! That necklace is a beautiful beautiful thing. She custom made it for me, and there is even another shorter one that matches so I can wear them all at once. And I love the shoes so much, I bought them in black too :)
      Have a fantastic day!

  4. It’s a great look Suzie! Bling anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
    Girls should sparkle inside and out!

    • I am a big fan of we women sporting a little sparkle and shine, every day in every way! Thanks for the vote girl, and I will mark you down with the “wear it” crowd.
      Have a wonderful day!

  5. this is my kind of dressed up :) how was your date night out???

    • Kate my dear, date night is tonight so I’ll have to let you know later ;). Thanks, and I will take your response as a vote for the “wear it” side.
      Have a great day girl!

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