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Cranberry Orange Ginger Upside Down Cake - UrbanCountryStyle.com

Cranberry Orange Ginger Upside Down Cake

Photo property of UrbanCountryStyle OK, here’s that other recipe I promised you this morning! The original blog posting of it came from The Italian Dish Blog …a must read if you like Food. I wish I had her patience for cooking, but I don’t so I omitted a couple of steps, because I’m lazy and I […] Read more…

UCS Blushing

Almost Blushing

I love the remote function on my digital camera (yes, I work without a photog and I am MUCH more comfortable that way). You are looking at a dog (my quirky Casey) who NEVER lets you take his picture if he knows you’re doing it (which is exactly how I feel whenever someone else points a […] Read more…

UCS Jesses Dress

Jesse’s Dress

I worked all day in the yard and I definitely don’t feel like cooking tonight. You see, the Mr. and I are both more than a little sad over the loss of our little old pup Jesse this past Sunday. Well, when I’m down I don’t like to sit around and wallow in it but would […] Read more…

UCS Same Day Same Dress

Same Day – Same Dress

This is outfit number two that I was talking about in yesterday’s post…I was getting dressed to head out to battle the sale racks and as per usual, when faced with all the choices in my closet here in the city, I was having trouble deciding what to wear.  So I took pics of two […] Read more…

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