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All Decked Out




So why such a small grouping in such a big space? Well, because it’s long but not overly wide! Look really close at the pics and you’ll see the French doors that open onto the deck from the living room. Each door is 3 1/2 feet wide, taking a ten foot wide deck and shrinking it to a mere 6 1/2 feet. And at the other end is the home of the BBQ…not something to be eliminated EVER…PLUS there was the view to consider…why sit and stare at another chair or the house beside you if you can look at two mountains?!

So I purposely paired down the seating area to fit the space and accommodate two large, comfy seats (instead of 4 teeny, tiny imposters) and I decided that if there are more people around than that…they can sit in the living room and I’ll open the doors to create a 7 foot opening…which is basically like sitting outside anyways, right? Plus, I know I will have room for more little goodies and trinkets (like that “Pershizzle” table) if I find them ;)

From my house and home to you and yours!




  1. Everything turned out very pretty, great color schemes that rug with the flowers really ties everything together.

    • Thanks Raquel! I love that the rug is actually made from recycled plastic and you can just hose it off…that means it won’t have dirty dog paw marks, which will be nice for a change! Lol

  2. Although, when I come snowboarding, it will all be under 3 feet of snow!! :)

    • Don’t worry, I’ll move the table inside so you’ll still be able to see it ;)

  3. I am so into that red!!! Great table too…can’t wait till I get to visit! ;)

  4. Absolutely gawgeous dahling….especially that table! If you find it missing, DO.NOT come to my house looking for it…I’m not giving it back ;)

    • Don’t worry LB, I know you’re packin’ Hahahaha. Thanks for stoppin’ by sistah!

  5. I love that table Suz,everything is so beautiful x

  6. Once again – Gorgeous, Suzie!!

  7. I love the table as well

    • It’s actually an indoor piece that I’ve put outdoor wood sealer/protectant on because “it’s wood, so why wouldn’t that work outside”…I asked myself…cause I ask myself stuff all the time ;)

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE that deer table!!!

    • I saw it, and it was definitely a YEE HAW moment for me Melissa :)

  9. How great does that look!

    • Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised that a pop of color against the green backdrop didn’t come off as looking gaudy Shae. Now if only the sun would come back out so I could enjoy it! Lol

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