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Love and Boots

 Shirt Dress and Jacket-Double D Ranchwear; Boots-Gucci; Purse-Michael Kors; Belt (old) Dog-Dooglyn’s Casey

I had planned to wear this dress with THE perfect pair of cowboy boots while I was down in Vegas for NFR. Trouble was, for the second year in a row, that perfect pair of boots remained elusive…I’m probably the only girl who NEVER finds the boots I want at NFR. I had one pair all ready to slip on my feet, but unfortunately my size was not to be had. And after mulling it over, they weren’t perfect enough either. So the dress sat in the closet and it’s debut at Gilleys’ never happened. Now that I’m back at home, I’ve tried it on with every pair of boots I own and today these ones just felt right.

But tomorrow, I’ll look at these pictures and wonder why the perfect pair of cowboy boots isn’t  in them!

Love and boots!



  1. Those boots are awesome! And the jacket, oh heck yes – I think those two were made for each other.

    • Thanks sweet lady!

  2. I never ever have the perfect pair of boots. I get a new pair and the next day looking for the perfect pair!!

    • Ain’t that the truth girl!!! Story of my life ;)

  3. I can never find the right boots either I spent yesterday looking for a type to travel in this winter. Just couldn’t come up with anything. I really like the black swedish hasbeens I might just get those in the end.

    • Kathleen, you would have thought with all the pairs of boots I own, I would have had the perfect pair already! lol

      Good luck in your search! Let me know how the hasbeens work out for you if you end up getting them.

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