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Just Me

Today I was craving one of those “just me” days. You know, those times when you’d really rather not get all dressed up and really push the envelope on fashion. Instead, comfort and personal style win out because that’s all that feels right. Like I said, today was one of those days…so I ran with it…

Just Me UrbanCountryStyle


Just Me UrbanCountryStyle


Just Me UrbanCountryStyle

Just Me UrbanCountryStyle

Jeans-Rock n Roll Cowgirl (similar here); Shirt-Ariat; Denim Jacket-Calvin Klein; Boots-Ariat; Belt-Ariat c/o Langston’s Western Wear; Buckle-my own (similar here);  Indian Head Buffalo Nickel Necklace-Designs by Shelagh


So this is how you’re sure to find me when I’m in THAT mood. I love my comfy bootcut jeans, which is the ONE  style I will never toss in the thrift pile because…that’s just me! I’ll wear those to my grave. And my boots? Well, they are my everyday go-to Ariats that are like a favorite pair of sneakers…and they were like that from the first time I put them on my feet. I want to be buried in them too. Otherwise, how else will St. Pete know it’s me at the gate?

Thanks for letting me be just me today Y’all! I really needed it.





  1. thats my go to look on a daily basis. Put my boots on, my boot cut jeans and an old shirt. I run to town in my truck in that outfit all the time. I throw on some Tiffany jewelry so I don’t look too out of it. Even in the summer when its hot that is my go to outfit. I work outside in that in the heat also, you don’t walk around in shorts and flip flops around here.

    • As I said above, boot cut jeans are one cut I NEVER get rid of. Add a little Tiffany sparkle and you’ve instantly upgraded the outfit! I’m going to remember that…thanks for the tip!

  2. I wear my Ariats most of the time. So comfy… Nice photos!

    • Thanks fine lady!!! I have to say again, I want to be buried in these boots :)

  3. My favorite boots are Ariat too. I heart them so much!,,

    • I have to say, they’re my go-to boots and always will be!!!!

  4. Gorgeous as always!

    I throw on my jeans, my favorite boots and ANYTHING else and I feel Beautiful! There’s just a certain swish to the sound of my step when I’m in my boots!

    Love your style(s)!


    • Thank you Sandy! I’m going to quote you on the boots with anything else=feeling beautiful :)

      Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. I love the turquoise necklace!! So cute! The outfit is super cute too, definitely a few steps up from my yoga pants that I wear on ‘just me’ days :)

    • Lol Katlyn! I’m in those right now :)

      The necklace is by my fave jewelry maker Shelagh Blatz of Designs by Shelagh. She has a website, which is where I found this piece, and she even adjusted the length for me too… :)

  6. I love that look. You look great, and you can tell by the way the pants hang that you #strongisthenewsexy work is paying off!

    • Thanks Jenn! This is classic ME…and thank you for the compliment as well…I’m working hard at it :)

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