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Cable-Knit Crazy

I think this ensemble officially classifies me as cable-knit crazy!

Cable-Knit Crazy - UrbanCountryStyle

Cable-Knit Crazy - UrbanCountryStyle

Cable-Knit Crazy - UrbanCountryStyle

Cable-Knit Crazy - UrbanCountryStyle

Cable-Knit Crazy - UrbanCountryStyle

Sweater Coat-Banana Republic (similar here); Vest-old-my closet; Purse-Michael Kors; Booties-old-Nine West

Thank you Banana Republic for continuing to feed my cable-knit addiction. You did not disappoint this past fall and winter season with your copious collection of cable knits and accessories to mix and match. This particular cable-knit sweater has gorgeous and beautifully knit-covered snaps that let you wear it as a dress. And the knit faux-fur collar just pops on over your head to instantly winterfy the look (yes, I just made that word up!) In the spring, I’ll use this piece as a topper over some of those gorgeous floral dresses (with great lil boots of course).

Which reminds me…the only thing that would have made this outfit even better would have been styling it with short little black biker booties. Sadly, I don’t own a pair of those (I’ve learned if you put enough adjectives in front of “boots” you can justify the requirement for new ones btw!).

OK, back to my point…there exists a pair of boots out there that I DON’T OWN. Un-freakin’-believable! We need to fix this. How about Y’all leading me astray and suggesting a pair I should be looking at? What does this have to do with being cable-knit crazy you ask…well, nothing but FOCUS people…there’s a pair of boots out there I NEED ;)



P.S. I can bring ANY conversation back to BOOTS!


  1. Suzie – OH HOW FUN! You got me from the word CABLE! Currently knitting a cable scarf – (hey, are you wearing one?!) and LOVE it! I am supposed to be giving to my daughter, but it may not make it!
    Have a great day and thank you for these awesome photos! They are fabulous!

    • I’m sure, given what an incredibly generous person you are Lori, that the scarf will be gifted! But I’m telling you right now, if was me I’d KEEP it. Lol!

      Thanks for stopping by girl. So happy everyone isn’t getting too bored with my cooped up pics from home!

  2. Suzie,

    These photos are absolutely amazing!! I am embarrassed and happy at the same time to say I am all signed up to receive your posts now via email!! :). Can’t wait for more amazing style and photos :)
    Best, Whitley
    ps–those booties are awesome.

    • Whitley I just let out a little squeal!!!! I’m honored to have you stop by…and even more so to know that you’ve subscribed! I adore your blog and all those fab locations and outfits you get to shoot in!

      So if you’re someone other than Whitley reading this reply…head on over to and check her out!!!

      Have a great day girl!

  3. Suzie, I don’t think you could ever have enough cableknit!! Great outfit, perfect Sunday style! Also that sled, blankets, pillows ect look AMAZING!! And yes I totally advocate for the biker boots, let me know if you want me to start a petition ;) Who can say no to that?!?

    • Thanks girl! That sled needs a tad more accessorizing before I can really showcase it, but it was a good delivery “vehicle” for this post. lol

      And yes, please DO start the petition! If you come across any I should be looking at, I’d love a head’s up too…the synergistic internet shopping shall begin ;)

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