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UrbanCountryStyle Welcomes Western Glamour

Western Glamour - UrbanCountryStyle

Coming Soon to UrbanCountryStyle-Western Glamour

We are very pleased to inform you that Danielle Perkin’s fabulous Blog Western Glamour has now become part of the UrbanCountryStyle Publishing family, and we couldn’t be more excited by this announcement!

UrbanCountryStyle has always aimed to bring  you ALL things Western, but let’s be honest…we knew there was a gap between what we were offering in country living versus what might be expected from those with more traditional roots. However, our dilemma in wanting to bring you a truly traditional western perspective, but with an up-to-date flair, has long been that Danielle was already filling this gap in an unmatched fashion. That said, we honestly did not want to go head to head with such a force!

Well, we decided to put our thinking caps on over here at UCS and came up with this: “If you can’t beat ‘em,  join ‘em”! So Danielle and I had a little chat. Together we decided that the best thing for ALL of our readers would be to house BOTH perspectives under one roof. Hence, the “UrbanCountryStyle-The NEW West…from Runway to Ranch” was born.

Undoubtably, like two sisters sharing a bathroom, there will be growing pains. But we both have our hearts and our visions in the same place! We at UrbanCountryStyle aim to bring you ALL that western fashion, food, and home decor have to offer, and in formats that will be unmatched across the e-publishing world!

And this brings us to our other announcement…UrbanCountryStyle Publishing is currently in the process of publishing an intimate and informative online magazine so that we can even better serve you! Our Debut Issue will be unveiled on or before February 15th. If you want to be FIRST in line to receive it, please subscribe to this blog in the upper right hand corner so we can hook you up!

So hang in there with us while we embark on this wild ride! AND…We promise Y’all more than 8 seconds ;)



  1. yay! there is a HUGE void, can’t wait to see more!! good luck and congratulations girlies!!
    p.s. i am TOTALLY taking credit for matching you two up via the intranet…lol

    • Haha! Yes, Cathryn you get TOTAL credit! Not to mention that the whole reason I’m even on-line is because of YOU!

      Thanks girl…AND….if you ever want to join us…;)


  2. Congratulations on an exciting new venture, ladies! Wishing you all the best.

    • Thanks so much Laura! We here at WG and UCS really appreciated the support!

  3. I am so honored and excited to be joining forces with UCS and Suzie! This a fabulous new chapter for WG!

    • And we’re so excited to have you on board Danielle! I think it’s a fabulous new chapter for all of us!

  4. Congrats guys! What an exciting merger, can’t wait to see what you two are cooking up!!

    • Lol…I love that everyone assumes thinks we’re “cooking up” something! It’s probably true mind you…but I love that y’all know us so well!

      Thanks for the well wishes Brandy!

  5. Well done girls! This will be an exciting mix! Can’t wait to see what y’all cook up.

    • Thank you Shelagh!

      I’m not sure if the world is ready for us as one force, but we’re certainly ready for it!

  6. Congratulations Suzie! I love your enthusiasm!

    • Thanks Nicky! I did tell you I used to be a cheerleader, right? ;)


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