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Cruel Girl in the City

You’ve seen this little Cruel Girl shirt dress before. It was featured when I did the Langston’s Western Wear boot give-away while back in Edinburgh. Well, that post was all about the boots so I wanted to give this little dress a do over with a different look that takes it out of the country and into the city.

Cruel Girl in the City - UrbanCountryStyle

Cruel Girl in the City - UrbanCountryStyle

Cruel Girl in the City - UrbanCountryStyle

Dress-Cruel Girl c/o Langstons Western Wear; Vest-Banana Republic (0ld); Shoes-Zara (old); Purse-Halston Heritage (old) 

Just yesterday, I cleaned out my closet (can you tell by all the “old” references in the style description?). There are now so many pieces of my wardrobe that are just itching for a do over like this too! I can’t wait to share :)

Have a great day Y’all!





  1. I’m very surprised those colours work so well together! That dress just seems to be refined yet so darn casual at the same time. It’s like a whole bunch of contradictions blended together that come out working. Not sure it would work as well on me though!

    • Lol Ian! I love the colors in this dress. So vibrant and unexpected, and they were especially a welcome hit of color in Scotland in October! And you know the shirt version of it would look great too! :)

  2. Legsssss….. You looks great!

    • :) Thank you Yen!

  3. Looking good Suzie! I wish it was skirt & short weather around here again : ( And here is to cleaning out your closet, isn’t it one of the best feelings ever?

    • Raquel, we always get a brief hit of very nice weather in February around here…then it rains for 3 more months so don’t be too jealous! lol

  4. Love, love, love! Could you step into my closet for a day?

    • Any time Carrie ;)

  5. You look great and your energy is contagious! I love cleaning out my closet and putting to together seasonal looks, so jealous that spring is on your door step. Enjoy my friend and Happy Valentines day!

    • Thanks Shae…but the energy stopped at the closet door. lol Happy Valentine’s Day to you too girl!


    • Aw! Thanks Whitley!

  7. Suzie -I am agreeing with Brandy! If only god gave me legs instead of hair – Yeah….
    Fabulous look – love the backdrop too! I wanna be there!
    Great work goin on and who KNOWS how long that status has been connected to my signature!

    • Sending all the love right back at ya Lori! Thanks girl!!!

      • Wanted to initiate that email but when my email went belly up a white back, I am not finding it in alphabetical order so it may be awhile or you could just send me one and I will reply!

  8. LOVE THE LOOK! Read the news! HOW FUN ??!! Great idea!

  9. More like Hot Girl in the City! Awesome outfit and those shoes and legs compliment that dress perfectly!

    • Ummm ((blushing))…thank you Brandy!!!

  10. You look great! Love the dress and the shoes!

    • Thanks so much Jenn!

  11. Wow, purse and shoes match the dress perfectly! And looked at those long, strong, fit legs :)

    • You’re way too kind Rhonda! Thank you!!!


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