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Life is Black and White

One of the hottest trends for spring is pattern mixing. I have to admit, I’m hooked on it. I love that there are pretty much no rules…or there are and I just can’t fathom what they could be! The moment I saw these pants, I knew my take on this trend was going to be the same as life…life is black and white. I rarely see grey. I’m decisive and intentional…and these pants paired with this shirt scream “that was no accident!”

Life is Black and White

Life is Black and White - UrbanCountryStyle

Life is Black and White Life is Black and White - UrbanCountryStyle

Shirt-here; Pants-Inc.; Shoes-Nine West (old); Belt-Ariat; Buckle-Vintage; Purse-Arnold Churgin Shoes (old)

So, do you think I’m crazy? Or would you mix life up a little too?




  1. Suzie, I love the printed pants look! It’s such a fun & versatile one, I say keep making everyone dizzy because it’s a good look on you!

    • LOL. Will do Raquel!

  2. Luv luv it ! Definitely would wear it!

    • Thanks Kathy! I’m scanning my closet to see how many other wild combos I can come up with using these pants :)

  3. love the shirt…i might have to get one…darn you!

    • sooooo…does that make us even for all the things I’ve bought due to you? ;)
      p.s. love this shirt…quality is unbelievable!!!

      • um…i don’t know…are you willing to admit how much stuff i’ve “made” you buy?!
        p.s. HAVE YOU BOOKED TEXAS YET?!?!?!

  4. This entire outfit…. oh my gosh. I need a fringe western wear shirt!! Awesome, awesome with those pants!

    • Thanks Whitley!!! The shirt came from Junk Gypsy co…you can follow the link ;)

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