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The Joy Trail -

The Joy Trail

The Joy Trail. That’s my ultimate goal and sense of direction for this year. It’s a phrase I heard Buffy Sainte-Marie utter during a CBC interview and it resonated with me. It resonated with my sense of direction for this blog. Not so much a happiness “project” as a sense of direction. “Keep your nose […] Read more…

Waffle Burger Sliders -

Waffle Burger Sliders

Mmmmm. Just in time for the weekend…Waffles. Or should I say Waffle Burgers? Or should I make that Waffle Burger Sliders? Yup…I went there! And they are just as freakin’ tasty as they look. Not that I’m braggin’ my truck or anything <~~~ a saying of the MR’s that I think is appropriate in this […] Read more…

The New Basic Black -

Basic Black

And just like that my “spring like” weather has disappeared and we are back to grey and cloudy. On days like this I tend to not underestimate the power of basic black in my wardrobe. You would think a lack of colour would make the day even more dreary, but trust me when I say […] Read more…

UrbanCountryStyle - Spring Like

Spring Like

The other day I drove back to the beach from Whistler and could not get over the temperature difference. You would think I’d be used to it by now, but it always seems to sneak up on me. I went from 2 feet of snow (and shovelling a foot of it off the driveway the […] Read more…

A Very Beachy Christmas -

A Very Beachy Christmas

This year I struggled with decorating the beach for Christmas. Generally I don’t do much here since our holidays are usually spent in the mountains and at our island country retreat. But we had planned a special dinner with close friends before skipping town and I really wanted the house to sparkle a little for them. […] Read more…

Romesco Sauce -

Smokey Romesco Sauce

         The MR and I recently traveled to San Francisco and enjoyed a lovely tapas meal at Coqueta, Chef Michael Chiarella’s Spanish cuisine establishment featuring the bounty of Northern California. It’s a tapas meets Cali fusion with innovative cocktails and homemade sangrias that are to die for. One of my favourite dishes […] Read more…

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