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Top Gun

Top Gun Jumpsuit -

Every time I look at this jumpsuit the theme to Top Gun starts running through my head. Now that I mentioned it you’re humming it too, aren’t you? Sorry?   In the UK they call these onesies a boiler suit. What ever you call it, it’s comfy, fun, and brings back memories for me. Some […]

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A Good Spring Base

Spring Base -

Spring is a great time to assess your skin care and beauty routine and change things up a little. Regardless of where you live, winter has likely left your face dull, sallow looking, and unprepared for the warm sunny days ahead. I don’t know about you, but when my skin looks that way it makes […]

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Vans are HOW OLD?

Vans 2

It takes a lot of cajones to admit that you’re 50. Trust me…a ton ;) In this age of youth worshipping and 30 years old considered by some to be over-the-hill, 50 is a HUGE number. FIFTY. Five decades old. Some might not want to talk about it. BUT when you are Vans and you […]

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This has been an interesting week. It was one that saw my emotions take a roller coaster ride while I planned a photography and food styling workshop in Ireland for later this month. I was so thrilled that I would be able to attend, but unfortunately not enough others were able to make it so […]

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The Joy Trail

The Joy Trail -

The Joy Trail. That’s my ultimate goal and sense of direction for this year. It’s a phrase I heard Buffy Sainte-Marie utter during a CBC interview and it resonated with me. It resonated with my sense of direction for this blog. Not so much a happiness “project” as a sense of direction. “Keep your nose […]

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Basic Black

The New Basic Black -

And just like that my “spring like” weather has disappeared and we are back to grey and cloudy. On days like this I tend to not underestimate the power of basic black in my wardrobe. You would think a lack of colour would make the day even more dreary, but trust me when I say […]

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Spring Like

UrbanCountryStyle - Spring Like

The other day I drove back to the beach from Whistler and could not get over the temperature difference. You would think I’d be used to it by now, but it always seems to sneak up on me. I went from 2 feet of snow (and shovelling a foot of it off the driveway the […]

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Groovy -

Ever since the release of the SS 2015 collections, I knew I would be headed in a 70s direction with my wardrobe this year. I’m not talking about a boho festival look (I’ve done that to death in years past). I’m talking about a “Groovy Baby” Austin Powers meets Disco kind of direction. Give me […]

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