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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer -

Maxi Skirt-Winners; Denim Jacket-Thrifted; Tee-Gap; Belt-Thrifted; Purse-Michael Kors; Boots-Gucci Here in BC, summer has decided to make a comeback for a while longer. And I mean full on summer heat with days between 25C-30C in the mountains for goodness sake! I’m coping with these dog days of summer by sneaking in a piece or two […]

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Almost Blushing

UCS Blushing

I love the remote function on my digital camera (yes, I work without a photog and I am MUCH more comfortable that way). You are looking at a dog (my quirky Casey) who NEVER lets you take his picture if he knows you’re doing it (which is exactly how I feel whenever someone else points a […]

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Jesse’s Dress

UCS Jesses Dress

I worked all day in the yard and I definitely don’t feel like cooking tonight. You see, the Mr. and I are both more than a little sad over the loss of our little old pup Jesse this past Sunday. Well, when I’m down I don’t like to sit around and wallow in it but would […]

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UCS Fashion Week-Sunday’s SuzieStyle


I am loving all the Alexa Chung inspired jean shorts paired with tights that I’m seeing on the street these days. I never got rid of my original Levis 501 shorts…I know, this will give you an idea of what vintage I am! I also love my short cowboy boots  (A$$ kicking Alberta boots is […]

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